• Operating Weight 19,000 kg
  • Engine Power 129.4 kW/ 173.5 hp


From road and street construction, to digging trenches and breaking materials, to site preparation for laying foundations or installing utilities, the DX190W-5 offers outstanding multi-task capabilities − combining productivity, power, lifting and digging capacities with the ability to travel from one site to another at up to 35 km/h.

A range of configurations and options are available to meet a variety of needs: single or tandem tyres, monobloc or articulated boom, dozer blade, stabilizers, and a variety of attachments.

From the standpoint of performance, the DX190W-5 has 7% more traction force compared to the previous generation model; the engine torque has been increased by 5%; fuel consumption has been reduced by an average of 10%, and lifting capacities have increased on average by 4% (front/side).

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