From now on, you’re not limited to the cab: you can plug in your Bobcat Loader and operate remotely.

Remote Control is compatible with all Bobcat Loaders equipped with the Selectable Joystick Controls.

Benefits of the Bobcat Remote Control

  • PLUG & PLAY – This easily portable and industrial radio remote control solution can be installed or removed in minutes for easy use with multiple machines.
  • VISIBILITY & COMMUNICATION – Controlling the loader outside the cab offers the operator a completely new experience! You have direct visibility on the progress of the job with a range of attachments – which makes operating the loader more versatile … and more fun!
  • You can also talk face-to-face with your job partners and manage the surroundings (verbally or non-verbally) at the same time.
  • COMFORT & PRODUCTIVITY – The remote control distances the operator from dust, noise, vibrations, or job sites that require special safety precautions. Work can be done faster with higher precision and, in some applications, with fewer personnel on the job site.

The Remote Control itself

Portable protection case with foam inserts for main components:

  1. Transmitter / Emergency-Stop
  2. Adjustable shoulder strap
  3. Tethered manual in pocket
  4. Receiver / Beacons
  5. Magnet mounts on top of cab
  6. Control Mode Selector / Emergency-Stop
  7. Magnet mounts on top of tailgate
  8. Other
  9. Spare Battery
  10. 220V – 110V Charger / 12V Car Charger / International sockets
  11. RC ID tag
All components in one protective case (Army approved) makes it easy to transport from one job site to another.

Safety Features and Training Resources

  • For the Radio Remote Control System, safety and training features include: Remote Control online course and instructor-led training are available.
  • A system shutdown feature activates if the operator trips and falls; tilt and drop sensors are built into the transmitter.
  • Press to operate (BICS) and parking brake engagement thru the transmitter.
  • Emergency Stop (E-Stop) buttons are located on the transmitter and E-Stop box affixed to the rear of the loader.
  • The transmitter’s V-shape design provides protection against bumping or damaging the controls.
  • If the lift arms need to be lowered without machine power, the rear window must be removed, or a rear window external removal kit is necessary to access the lift arm bypass control valve.
  • A remote-ready identification tag is provided. The tag is displayed on the front of the loader to indicate that it can be operated remotely.
  • Operation manual, including maintenance and parts manual, are tethered to the transmitter (stored in a pouch underneath).

Ease of Use

Simply install the receiver and the Control Mode Selector/E-Stop box to the machine attached by magnets. Then connect the harness to service socket, remove the rear window (or install the rear window external removal kit), attach the Remote-Ready Identification tag – and the machine is ready to be operated remotely via the transmitter.

  • All components designed to work in most climate conditions.
  • Dedicated 5-digit password for every remote-control system.
  • 3.5-inch display communicates the start sequence guide, machine vitals, functions activation and error code warnings.
  • Joystick controls operate similarly to loader joystick controls in the ISO control pattern.
  • Includes most of the functions you’d be able to perform via direct loader operation: drive, lift, tilt, auxiliary hydraulic functions, working lights, boom float, speed management and horn.
  • Throttle control function is active with Bobcat engine.
  • Key switch between “REMOTE” control mode and “MACHINE/DIRECT” control mode.
  • 2 exchangeable batteries (long 20-hour battery power / ~4 hours to charge)
  • Operating range up to 500 m / 2.4 GHz.


  • CONSTRUCTION / LANDSCAPING: For work that currently requires several people, this solution can cut labor cost, as one operator can get the job done by watching the attachment on the job site from outside the cab. This remote-control solution can also improve applications that require backward driving, as is often the case in urban spaces.
  • DEMOLITION / SURFACE-ENGAGED: In surface-engaged environments with distracting vibrations, the remote-control system enables the operator to do the work from a distance free from vibrations, dirt, dust or noise.
  • INDUSTRIAL / SPECIAL: Distancing the operator from loader in limited spaces (like shipyards and quarries), or from potential chemicals and other airborne pollutants, has great health benefits. The job can be done more easily and safely, and with better visibility for managing tight spaces. With the remote-control solution, anyone can handle dangerous or toxic materials from a safe distance, minimizing the risk of exposure.


Angle Broom, Auger, Bale Fork, Box Blade, Breaker, Buckets, Combination Bucket, Digger, Dozer Blade, Drop Hammer, Dumping Hopper, Farm Grapple, Grader, Industrial Grapple, Land Plane, Landscape Rake, Packer Wheel, Pallet Fork, Planer, Root Grapple, Scarifier, Scraper, Seeder, Snow Blade, Snow Blower, Snow Pusher, Snow V-Blade, Sod Layer, Soil Conditioner, Stump Grinder, Sweeper, Three Point Hitch, Tiller, Tilt-Tatch, Tree Spade, Trench Compactor, Trencher, Vibratory Roller, Wheel Saw