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Bobcat Unveils RogueX2 Autonomous Excavator

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Bobcat Unveils RogueX2 Autonomous Excavator

The future of Bobcat excavators may potentially be drastically different from its present, as Doosan Bobcat unveiled an evolved prototype of their RogueX autonomous load.

Initially announced at the start of January 2024, the RogueX2 is a concept loader that much like the head-turning RogueX concept seen last year was specifically built without a cab.

The reason for this is that it was a clean room design intended to show what the future of heavy equipment will look like in a future shaped around the principles of Industry 4.0 and multiple technologies that will take over worksites in the next decade.

The cabless design is possible because the RogueX can be operated remotely, with support for autonomous programmable tasks augmented by artificial intelligence, machine learning and connectivity to the Internet of Things.

As well as this, there are practical benefits to having no cab, such as the capacity to combine radial path, vertical path and variable path lifting in a single machine where the space for an operator would otherwise get in the way.

It also features a lithium-ion battery to power the electric drive and actuated lift system, which not only means the machine is greener due to a lack of fuel or hydraulic fluid but also means that it can be used indoors due to a lack of exhaust emissions.

The main difference between the RogueX2 compared to the original is that, unlike its predecessor which used caterpillar tracks for versatility, the RogueX2 uses wheels, as this helps to optimise the longevity of the electric battery and allows for more work time between recharges.

Alongside this, the machine also features axial flux motors, which provide greater power output that allows the RogueX2 to use more powerful attachments and perform heavy-duty work.

As with the RogueX, it is unlikely to be sold as shown at industry shows, but the technology on display here is likely to be an influence on Bobcat designs over the next few years.