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The Three Biggest Bobcat Innovations Showcased at Intermat

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The Three Biggest Bobcat Innovations Showcased at Intermat

With the invention of Bobcat excavators the result of tireless innovation, it is regardless still shocking how much innovation the company has already revealed in the first third of 2024.

Whilst the RogueX concept machine has naturally taken most of the headlines, Bobcat’s appearance at the sustainable construction trade exhibition Intermat has managed to showcase a huge raft of innovations set to take the construction world by storm.

With that in mind, here are just three of the biggest reveals by Bobcat at the Paris-based event.

An Electric Telehandler As Powerful As Diesel

Aside from showing off the RogueX2, arguably the biggest reveal was a demonstration of Bobcat’s TL25.60e, a version of the typical diesel telehandler powered by liquid-cooled electric batteries.

It looks exactly like the diesel-powered model aside from the letter “e” emblazoning the side, but what matters is that it is just as powerful as the versatile current model with an identical rated operating capacity of 2.5 tonnes.

What is not the same is the emissions, which are zero, the noise, which is minimal, and the costs to refuel, which are potentially negligible depending on the firm’s electricity bill.

Transparent OLED Screen

Whilst hardly the first to come up with a heads-up-display, given that they have appeared on fighter jets as early as the late 1950s, the innovative transparent screen technology fitted to the right window of the TL25.60e is nonetheless a huge step forward for operating controls.

The technology allows for an operator to access the huge number of features on a modern Bobcat without looking away from the worksite, as well as having the capacity for even greater innovations such as augmented reality and virtual reality operation.

Real-Time Obstacle Detection

Related to but not unique to the RogueX2 project is an advanced version of Bobcat’s collision warning system, which is integrated into the machinery itself and allows for much faster awareness of the operations of track loaders and skid-steer vehicles, with customisation for particular site requirements.