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Manchester Defies National Construction Trends Again

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Manchester Defies National Construction Trends Again

News that the UK had officially slipped into recession at the back end of 2023 might come as little surprise to some construction equipment dealers, who will have seen business decline.

Indeed, just as the overall economy contracted, the latest official data on construction output showed a 1.3 per cent decline in the final quarter of 2023. Notably, this was caused by a five per cent drop in new work, as repair and maintenance increased by four per cent.

However, that means it is demand for equipment like differs and excavators that will have seen the biggest fall.

Despite this, some parts of the country seem to be defying national trends, with Greater Manchester continuing to boom. Not only is there plenty of ongoing work taking place on major projects but more are on the way.

In the last couple of weeks, this has included planning permission being granted for the new All Saints Library at Manchester Metropolitan University, a project that will involve the demolition of the existing library on the Oxford Road site starting this year, before work on constructing the new building commences in 2028.

On a larger scale, Trafford Council unveiled plans for a major redevelopment of the Wharfside area between Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium and the Manchester Ship Canal, a huge project that is likely to tie in with either the redevelopment or replacement of the stadium.

These individual examples tie in with wider research data concerning the city region. The Deloitte Manchester Crane Survey 2024, published last month, revealed that 21 major projects were started in inner and central areas of Manchester and Salford last year, close to the five-year average of 22.

According to the report, “a proactive planning process across the two cities as well as by the fundamental draw of the city region” enabled these areas to defy wider market trends, such as a downturn in residential construction.

Whether it is the appeal of the city as a boom town, its growing universities, or world-famous football clubs, Manchester clearly has exceptional characteristics that are attracting investment and keeping the construction sector and its machinery suppliers busy.