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Mecalac Revotruck

Mecalac Revotruck

Alternative products such as reversible dumpers have attempted to solve this problem for a long time (since the 1950s) by proposing rotating driving platforms. However, we have observed that operators always stay in the same position without using the rotating platform:

  • Turning the heavy console is uncomfortable and time-consuming. Moreover, this manual operation is performed in a restricted space for driver’s legs, making it laborious when repeated throughout the working day
  • With a rotating console but a fixed cab, all cab elements (mirrors, doors, windscreen..) are never at the right position when the platform is rotated
  • Access is only possible from one side of the machine and once the platform is facing forward

Based on our user-centric innovation process, we have created a new type of vehicle for smarter and safer material transport. This revolution has a name: The Revotruck.

The Revotruck is not just a dumper; it is an iconic machine with a rotating cab and an exclusive chassis architecture that combines stability and mobility.